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The advanced software we use at ABCD Precision, Inc. allows us to efficiently guide every job from the drawing stage to final design, and after client approval, to machining, finishing, and inspection. We offer a wide range of materials and machining capabilities and can produce complex parts to close tolerances with minimal material waste with the documentation you need to provide to your customers.


1. Mitsubishi MV2400S-M800 EDM WIRE - Dual Tank System 2018.
2. 2019 Doosan 350 5-AX
3. Daewoo CNC 500 mm dual pallet Full Fourth Axes Horizontal Machine.
4. Amera-seiki CNC Lathe 15" max turning by 26" turning length.
5. Amera-seiki CNC Lathe 22.0" max turning by 47" turning length.
6. Dahli Vertical Machine MCV 2100 w/fourth axes 80.0" x 38.0" x 29.0" travel.
7. Yamaseiki CNC Lathe 2800 12.0" maximum turning x 24".
8. Puma 480L CNC Lathe 36" maximum swing, 26.500" maximum turning, 67" between Centers, steady rest and 6.250" bar feed.
9. Faro Arm 3D inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis, reverse engineering, and more.
All the basic inspection equipment as, Mitutoyo Ph-A14 Horizontal Optical Comparator, Dial and Digital calipers, bore gages, outside and inside micrometers, depth gages, high gages, precision blocks, etc.


List of Material we manufacture

 Magnesium (any dissolvable material ) Inconel 925.718, 625, K-50 (Monel)
Aluminum Alloy (2011, 2024, 6061, 7075) Titanium Alloys
Bronze and Copper Alloys Graphite
Carbon and Alloy Steel (4130, 4140 thru 4145, 4340, 1018 thru 1026,8620 Plastic (UHMW , PEEK , TEFLON , ETC )
Cast Iron Stainless Steel (13-8, 17-4, 300 Series, 410)
Casting Any conductive material for Our EDM machine