About us

Since our founding in 2012 by two well-experienced CNC experts Arnold Blanco and Corallo Daniel, ABCD Precision, Inc has manufactured high precision parts for the oil, gas, and energy industries prevalent in Greater Houston, Texas area. As a family own business, we are committed to the survival and growth in the manufacturing industry and our priority is to integrate our business with technologies that strengthen our customers’ ability to compete in the markets they serve. Whether the solution involves a standalone machining, multi-process parts, or an integrated manufacturing system ABCD is committed to be a leader in this market. Independent offices provide us a local market focus and the flexibility to advocate the needs of each of our valued customers.


ABCD Precision is committed to quality on all levels, from the facilities and state-of-the-art machinery we maintain, high-tech processes we use, and the highly trained workforce we employ, we produce precision parts economically and on time. ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED, we seek to continuously improve processes and procedures so that we are your go-to supplier.